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digraphs & diphthongs
The DVD has digraphs & diphthongs divided
in sounds. There are sound bytes for each sound
and word, each digraph & diphthong have
exercise to reinforce the learning of the new

The homophones are broken down alphabetically,
there are exercises at the bottom of each screen.
There are sound bytes for each word.
Example of some of the B homophones .


Just the basic alphabet with sound bytes & for
the sound and the name of the letter.
Just a list of sound blends with sound bytes and a word using the sound the blends with sound bytes.

$25 + Shipping (including GST for Australian Customers)
DVD for PC only



This is an example of some of the Homophones that start with b.
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Exercise 3 - choose the correct word for each sentence

1.           The (bail / bale) for his court appearance was $1,000,000.
The (bail / bale) of hay lay in the yard during the rain storm.

2.           The (bear / bare) ate berries from a bush.
The man had hair on his (bear / bare) chest.

3.           The (bass / base) section of the orchestra was very good.
The (bass / base) of a triangle is the bottom.

4.           The (bases / basis) for the report was founded on a new study.
The USA has a number of air (bases / basis) in Australia .

5.           The (bee / be) pollinated the yellow flower.
Can you (bee / be) brave?

6.           The (beach / beech) sand got into my shoes.
The (beach / beech) tree provides shade for our house.

7.           I enjoy (bean / been) sprouts with my Chinese food.
Have you (bean / been) to the shops.

8.           The (beat / beet) root salad taste delicious.
He (beat / beet) the carpet with a stick.

9.           Her (beau / bow) was her sweet heart for 5 years.
The present had been tied with a red (beau / bow).

10.           In England (beer / bier) is served warm.
They put the coffin on the (beer / bier).

11.           She was the (belle / bell) of the ball.
Please ring the (belle / bell) for service.

12.           What is your favourite (berry / bury)?
Where did they (berry / bury) the treasure.

13.           The (berth /birth) of the baby was a miracle.
The steam ship was at the (berth /birth) near the pier.

14.           The Great Australian (bight / bite / byte) is on which coast?
His bark is worse then his (bight / bite / byte).
Each (bight / bite / byte) of information is important.

15.           Can you (billed / build) with lego blocks?
He was (billed / build) as the greatest magician ever.

16.           The (blue / blew) flower (blue / blew) in the wind.

17.           The Soviet (bloc / block) was very powerful.
The man can (bloc / block) a punch

18.           The wild (boar / bore) grunted in the truffles.
They drilled a (boar / bore) hole to build a well to get water.

19.           Are you (board / bored) waiting on check out lines on shops.
Do you like to play (board / bored) game?

20.           The water (bore / boar) was expensive to construct.
The wild (bore / boar) was found in the outback.

21.           The load was (born / borne) by three horses.
The baby was (born / borne) in a hospital.

22.           The actor took a (bough / bow).
The (bough / bow) of the tree was loaded with fruit.

23.           The (boy / buoy) climbed up the tree.
The (boy / buoy) bobbed up and down in the ocean.

24.           The smell of (bread / bred) cooking wafted through the house.
He (bread / bred) champion race horses.

25.           Did you test the (break / brake) pedal on the car.
Did you (break / brake) the lamp.

26.           The (breach /breech) on the gun was jammed.
The weight of the water might (breach /breech) the dam.

27.           The horse’s (bridal / bridle) was to tight
The (bridal / bridle) party was to meet in the hotel lobby.

28.           He (brewed / brood) a strong cup of tea.
The chicken had a large (brewed / brood).

29.           The (brooch / broach) was worn by the women in red.
It was a hard subject to (brooch / broach).

30.           To (build / billed) a house takes time.
The carpenter (build / billed) the owner for 5 hours

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