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a little bird told me
A little bird told me....
be careful out there
Be careful out there!
bug eyed
Bug eyed
buzz off
buzz off
Come inside
Come Inside
danger dingo 3
danger dingo
dinner time
Dinner time
do you stand out in a crowd
do you stand out in a crowd?
don't bite your nails
don't bite your nails
don't forget the sun screen
Don't forget the sun screen
don't forget to wear a hat
Don't forget to wear a hat
double trouble
Double trouble
every one needs a helping hand
Every one needs a helping hand
give us a cuddle
Give us a cuddle
give me a break
Give me a break!
good morning
Good morning
hair raising news
Hair raising news
happy hour
happy hour
have you flossed
Have you flossed
have you visited a dentist
Have you visited your dentist recently?
having a ball
having a ball
I bite
I bite
I didn't do it
I didn't do it
I don't like it
I don't like it! 2
I feel legless
I feel legless 2
I said no
I said NO!
I'm a greenie
I'm a greenie
I'm going batty
I'm going batty
I'm so tired
I'm so tired
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
It not easy being green
It's not easy being green
I've got you in my sights
I've got you in my sights
Join me for a meal
Join me for a meal
Join us for lunch
Join us for lunch
kiss, kiss, cuddle, cuddle
Kiss, kiss, cuddle, cuddle
Let's get together
Let's get together
let's go shopping
Let's go shopping
let's share a meal
Let's share a meal....
looking for something
Looking for something
look, listen, learn
Look, listen and learn
looking over your shoulder
Looking over your shoulder
Mum's is the best
nice seeing you
Nice seeing you
nudge, nudge, wink, wink
Nudge, nudge, wink wink say no more
seek and ye shall find
Seek and ye shall find
sitting on the fence
Sitting on the fence
Snap to it
Snap to it
some ugly bird
Some ugly bird
stop staring
Stop Staring
Swim, relax and enjoy
Swim, relax, enjoy
the bill
The bill
watch your step
Watch your step
we're having a sleep over
We're having a sleep over
we're just good friends
we're just good friends
We're not speaking
We're not speaking
we're vegetarians
We're Vegetarians
what a relief
What a relief
who me?
Who? Me?
you looking at me
You looking at me?

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